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About Caravan & Marine Care

Taking care of your caravan or boat with premium quality cleaning products will not only improve the look and feel of your vessel, it will also preserve the paintwork and ensure future resale value. Naturally, a caravan or boat has a lot of large surfaces that can be difficult to keep clean, equipping yourself with the right products will dramatically reduce cleaning time.

Choosing the right Caravan and Marine Care products for your caravan or boat doesn’t have to be a long-winded, complicated process. Sparesbox has carefully selected a range of Caravan and Marine Care products that have been specifically designed for application on all fiberglass gel coat marine or caravan surfaces. Sparesbox stocks a range of Boat Polish & Boat Wax and Boat Wash & Caravan Cleaner from world leading brands Autoglym and Meguiars.

Why Caravans and Marine Crafts Need Different Types of Care

The main difference between caravans, boats and cars is the material they're made from. Designed and engineered to be left outside and left dormant for longer periods of time, caravans, motorhomes, boats and RVs are often constructed from fibreglass. Fibreglass is a tougher, lighter material resists that resists UV degradation for longer and is great at hiding smaller scratches and scuffs.

Being left exposed to weather, water, salt spray and sun for so long, boat and caravan care products are designed to cut through the kind of contaminants and materials that can compromise the integrity of fibreglass hulls and shells, helping to keep your caravan, RV or boat looking pristine for much longer.

Our Caravan & Marine Care Range

Our extensive range of caravan cleaner, boat wash, boat wax and boat polish is all lovingly formulated by Meguiars and Autoglym, both of whom have decades of experience in making the finest products to take care of recreational vehicles across the globe. Whether on the road or on the ocean, we have a premium range of combined boat and RV cleaners, oxidation removers, colour restorers, polishes and waxes that are designed to restore a pristine finish to any fibreglass surface.

Many of these products are custom formulated to deal with the most common afflictions experienced by the fibreglass surfaces of boats and caravans, including paint dulling, oxidation, staining and the effects of salt water.