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About Boat Polish & Boat Wax

Talk to any avid boater and you'll know just how much love they have for their watercraft. Spares Box carries a great range of boat polish, boat wax and specialty marine care products to keep any vessel looking as good as the day it first took to the water.

Why Boat Polish & Boat Wax is Important

Boats are some of the most heavily punished vehicles in the world, either being left in salt water for incredible amounts of time on end or being driven through rough seas and salt spray on a regular basis. For this reason, the fibreglass and plastics that form the hull of most marine craft is susceptible to picking up scratches, oxidation and salt damage that can have a massive effect on the way your boat looks.

For this reason, we stock a great range of different boat polishes and boat waxes. Acting in a similar fashion to how car wax and car polish does on your vehicle's paint, boat polish helps to remove salt, water and oxidation from fibreglass and paintwork, while boat wax helps to form a protective barrier and give your paint a rich gloss which lasts through exposure to both sun and sea.

Our Range of Boat Polish & Boat Wax

Spares Box is happy to stock a massive range of different boat polishes and boat waxes, all of which are designed to restore a pristine shine and lustre to your boat, whichever colour it may be. Check our Meguiars Oxidation Remover for cutting through oxidised paintwork that's been left dormant for a long time, and consider investing in Meguiars Colour Restorer if your watercraft's paintwork is lacking the vibrance it once used to have. For all purpose polishing and waxing after a day on the water, check out Meguiars High Gloss Boat Polish and One Step Cleaner Wax.