About Jump Starters & Jumper Cables

You don't want to be stuck anywhere with a flat battery, and having the right tools to get your battery started up again can be incredibly handy when you're stuck in a tight spot. Whether your battery is getting old and past it, you've left your headlights or your radio on, or something has gone wrong with your vehicle's electrical system, a good set of jumper leads or even a jump starter kit can get you moving on your own without the need for an expensive call out.

Spares Box offers two choices in order to get your battery jump started once again. The most common choice amongst drivers is a set of jumper leads, also known as jumper cables or booster cables, which generally attach to either a battery charger or the battery of another vehicle to provide a sudden electrical jump. This gets your vehicle going under its own power (and charging its battery) once more. If another vehicle isn't available, Spares Box also offers a great range of jump starters which can be used to generate the charge required to get your battery running again. Our entire range of these products is built to last, made from heavy duty materials and designed to work with a massive range of vehicles and electrical systems.

In order to source our range of jump starters and jumper leads, we've turned to two of Australia's leaders in auto electrical parts, battery accessories and tools, in Kincrome and PROJECTA. Kincrome have long led the way in the market for tools, workshop equipment and automotive tools, and their range of jumper leads is truly manufactured to deliver the very finest in quality across a wide range of ampages. PROJECTA's universal jumper leads are also rated up to 400 amps, making them suitable for most of the vehicle batteries that you find on the road.