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About Starter Motors

How Does a Starter Motor Work?

The Starter Motor exists solely to provide the first couple of turns required to get an internal comustion engine firing under its own power. Powered by electricity from your car's battery by way of the starter solenoid, the starter motor turns your engine for the first few cranks until it begins its cycle of compression and ignition, thereby allowing your vehicle to operate under its own power for the rest of your trip.

Why Are Reliable Starter Motors Important?

A good starter motor will literally make the difference between getting your engine running and not. Starter motors are also complex electrical parts made up of small gears and pinions, meaning that reliable function of all these parts under heavy duty conditions is absolutely key in preventing a costly repair or replacement.

Our Range of Starter Motors

Sparesbox carries a huge range of starters, with over 1100 separate starter motors catering for 10s of thousands of different vehicle models. Our range of Starter motors is sourced not only from Bosch, a world leader in OEM auto parts, but also JayLec and AFI who both specialise in servicing the needs of Aussie cars and Aussie Drivers.

Sparesbox also carries a range of different starter motor parts, including solenoids and capacitors, to cater for a huge range of different needs and scenarios.