About Cold Air Induction Kits & Filters

Designed to improve air flow to your vehicle, Performance Filters and Induction Kits are made of higher-quality, more durable materials than OE Filters and Induction Kits. Specifically designed to increase your vehicle’s performance, protect your engine and last the lifetime of your vehicle, Performance Filters and Induction Kits are the perfect choice for performance oriented drivers.

Choosing the right Performance Filters & Induction Kits for your vehicle doesn’t have to be a complicated process. We’ve sorted through the clutter to make finding the right Performance Filters & Induction kits for your vehicle as simple as possible. Sparesbox stocks a range of Carburetor Filters & Accessories, Cold Air Intakes & Induction Kits, Filter & Oil Cleaner, Performance Air Filters, Performance Oil Filters and Pod Filters from world leading performance brand, K&N Filters.

Why Are Performance Filters & Induction Kits Important for Drivers?

Reduced air filter performance will inevitably have your engine functioning at a lower capacity, starving your engine of air and clean, filtered oil. Extended use of old or underperforming filters can ultimately lead to a damaged engine.

One of the biggest benefits of Performance Air and Pod Filters and Induction Kits is their high flow. K&N high-flow air filters are a superior alternative to the conventional paper air filter that is fitted to your car from the factory. K&N high-flow air filters designed to increase air flow, improve performance and reduce the strain on your engine. They have been proven to deliver increased throttle response and a measurable increase in horsepower and torque to your vehicle. As a result, K&N air filters will unlock, on average, a 1-4% kilowatt gain in your vehicle.

The entire range of K&N performance filters and intake systems have been built to last the life of your vehicle. All K&N performance air intake systems are covered by their Million Mile Limited Warranty and will save you more money than using paper filters in the long run.

Upgrading to a Performance Oil Filter will provide outstanding filtration levels and a higher oil flow rate, blocking 99% of foreign material. Working well with both conventional and synthetic oil, Performance Oil Filters are strong and durable and will help increase your engines performance.

Our Range of Performance Filters & Induction Kits

Sparesbox is pleased to offer Australian motorists an extensive range of Performance Filters and Induction Kits from leading Performance Filter Brand K&N, suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications.To compliment your new Performance Filter and Induction Kit setup, Sparesbox also stock Filter Cleaner and Oil and Carburetor Accessories. An essential part of maintaining your performance parts and getting the very best from them.