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About Filter Cleaner & Oil

K&N filter Cleaner, Oil and the K&N Cleaning Kit are all part of an essential maintenance system for all K&N air filters. There are many advantages of using a K&N Air Filter, not only are they great Performance Filters but they are also washable and reusable. Being able to clean and reuse your Air Filter means you’ll need the best products to assist you in cleaning your filter. K&N have developed Filter Cleaner and Filter Oil to ensure that you have the best products to clean your K&N Air Filter with.

What do Filter Cleaners + Oils do?

K&N Air Filter Cleaner and Oil is formulated to service your K&N oiled cotton air filter when it becomes dirty.

K&N Air Filter Cleaner Power Kleen is an industrial strength cleaner that works to dissolve any built up dirt and old filter oil. K&N Air Filter Oil is the only oil that is specifically designed for K&N Filters. K&N Filter Oil is used to re-oil your air filter after cleaning, working quickly to saturate the filter pleats to restore it to its original condition.

Benefit of Using Filter Cleaners + Oils

There are great performance benefits from using Filter Cleaner and Oil to clean your Air Filter. Having your K&N Air Filter working like brand new means restored air flow efficiency, meaning your engine can produce power more efficiently.

Using K&N’s custom cleaning products will deliver increased power, superior throttle response and acceleration. Inferior air filter cleaners can void your filter warranty and can actually lead to damage so using the correct products will protect your warranty and your K&N Air Filter. These products are specifically formulated to improve air filter performance.

Our Range

Sparesbox offers K&N Air Filter Cleaner Power Kleen and K&N Air Filter Oil separately as well as together in the K&N cleaning kit: K&N Filter Recharge Clean and Oil Kit. These products are specifically designed by K&N for K&N Air Filters to ensure a premium clean for your K&N oiled cotton air filter, to the best possible standards.