About Performance Air Filters

Performance Air Filters have been designed to increase air flow to your engine, improve filtration efficiency and increase durability and dust capacity. K&N Performance Air Filters have been proven to increase throttle response & acceleration and provide a measurable increase (1-4%) in torque and horsepower.

The environment, whether you are in the city or the country, contains contaminants that are unavoidable. With a performance air filter though, grime, dust and fumes are filtered out before they reach your engine. Performance air filters are all about converting every intake of air for the benefit of performance.

Why are Performance Air Filters Important?

The result of high quality design, engineering, and extensive testing, a performance air filter is a hugely cost-effective solution to sluggish engine performance. While the job of an air filter is simple, the results are impressive.

The increased airflow that your engine receives adds horsepower to any vehicle, from passenger car to truck. This improved air renders your throttle more responsive, and gives increased torque throughout. Performance air filters are designed using advanced cotton material that filters with greater efficiency than standard air filters. The air filter your car manufacturer fits does not provide excellent filtration that ensures longer engine life.

Our Range of Performance Air Filters

Finding the highest quality performance air filter for your vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated. Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of Performance Air Filters from K&N Filters that are suitable for application on a wide range of vehicles. K&N performance air filters will not only improve the responsiveness and performance of your vehicle, they’ll also outlast their paper filter counterparts and save you money in the long run.