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About Performance Oil Filters

Performance Oil Filters are responsible for filtering the cleanest oil possible into your engine, blocking foreign material from entering your engine.

Providing outstanding filtration levels through high flow rates, Performance Oil Filters are able to handle heavy-duty applications making them exceptionally durable. Quality Performance Oil Filters are crucial to upgrading your vehicles performance to the next level.

Oil Filters should ideally be changed every time you change your vehicles oil. This should occur on average around the 12000 kilometres mark, but you should always consult your owner’s manual for more specific maintenance information.

What Do Performance Oil Filters Do and Why are they Important?

An Oil Filter is vital to your vehicle's functionality. It’s what helps to remove and prevent foreign materials and contaminates from entering critical engine parts.
Using a poor quality Oil Filter can result in having unfiltered, unclean motor oil which can result in hazardous levels of engine wear. The extent of the harm they cause can be huge, if ignored. Even tiny particles can be damaging, destroying bearing surfaces of your engine as well as machined components within the machine pump.

Using a Performance Oil Filter will give you outstanding filtration levels and high flow rate. Filtration lets your car’s engine to stay in peak condition, while the flow rate allows performance to thrive. The result of high quality design, engineering, and intense testing, a Performance Oil Filter provides a hugely cost-effective solution to sluggish engine performance. The job of an oil filter is simple but its importance can’t be overstated.

Installing Performance Oil Filters is incredibly stress-free, with fitment taking only a few minutes. Overall very little effort is required in upgrading your engines performance and in saving your engine from harmful oil that can ruin your engine permanently at worst, or cost you in repairs.

Our Range

Sparesbox only offer the best Performance Oil Filters that put entire focus on keeping your vehicle’s engine working at its optimum capacity. Working with K&N, we have a range of premium Performance Oil Filters that focus on maintaining engine performance through long-lasting restriction of damaging, foreign materials.

Pioneering high flow, high performance filtration since 1969, it is no surprise that K&N create the most impressive performance results through their oil filters.

Designed to suit Australia’s varied, often tough, conditions, our Performance Oil Filters are proven to give maximum results no matter the environment. Available for a variety of vehicles from compacts cars, SUVs, 4WDs, trucks to any custom car, our range ensures no one misses out on the extraordinary results that benefit your driving experience.