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About Pod Filters

K&N Performance Pod Filters are designed for first-rate filtration and increased performance. Designed using high quality lightly oiled cotton which is folded and secured using fine steel meshing means there are distinct advantages over older more traditional foam pod filters. K&N’s Filters are designed to last the distance with consistent performance for the full span of its million-mile lifetime warranty.

They have great dust retention and are reusable and cleanable like other K&N Air Filters. When the Pod Filter starts to lose colour or becomes dirty usually around the 80500 kilometre mark they can simply be cleaned and lightly re-oiled using the K&N Filter Recharge Clean and Oil Kit, 99-5050.

Installing a Pod Filter correctly can make a huge difference on high powered cars. The surface area to volume ratio of Pod Filters can result in low pressure drop meaning better filtration as the Pod Filter allows the engine to take in a higher amount of cleaner air than other Air Filters. Increased air intake and air flow can increase power and fuel efficiency. Encasing a Pod Filter in a heat shield or installing it away from the hot engine bay will also help increase performance benefits.

Our Range of Pod Filters

As the official filter supplier for NASCAR it comes as no surprise that K&N is one of the leaders in the market of performance Air Filters as well as Pod Filters. Sparesbox is pleased to offer a premium range of K&N Performance Pod Filters have been designed to improve your engines efficiency and increase air flow.

K&N RE-0870 and K&N RE-0930

K&N RE-0870 and K&N RE-0930 Pod Filters have been designed to increase horsepower, sharpen throttle response and improve acceleration. Delivering increased air flow and excellent filtration, K&N RE-0870 and K&N RE-0930 Pod Filters feature malleable flanges for easy installation and cleaning.

K&N RE-0870 and K&N RE-0930 Pod Filters provide exceptional air flow gains that are beneficial to both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Combined with other modifications K&N Pod Filters can significantly improve the throttle response and feel of the vehicle.

K&N RR-3003

K&N RR-3003 Pod Filters have been designed to increase air flow to your engine by reducing restriction. Delivering increased air flow and improved filtration, K&N RR-3003 Pod Filters feature a metal top with inverted filter for increased surface area.

K&N RR-3003 Pod Filters feature a clamp on design for easy installation, removal and cleaning. Using a filtering top that inverts, dropping into the cylinder of the filter, K&N RR-3003 Pod Filters offer increased surface area and provide increased filtration.

You should be aware that there are rules and regulations surrounding the installation of aftermarket components. It is important to check with your local transport authorities for information surrounding proper and legal installation.