Coolant Expansion Tanks
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About Coolant Expansion Tanks

Your vehicle's coolant is heated up to extreme temperatures at a very rapid rate as it circulates throughout your engine. Particularly in especially high-powered, high performance and extreme engines, massive amounts of heat and pressure are generated for your vehicle's cooling system to deal with, making it vital to give these components and the systems that surround them the very best protection possible. Coolant generally has a very high boiling point, but if it's old or subjected to use in a particularly high-temperature engine, it can still boil and rapidly expand. This causes spills and overflows which have the potential to damage your cooling system and its surrounding areas through the build up of dried, sticky coolant and contact with a liquid that can reach many hundreds of degrees in temperature.

To help deal with this, many vehicles feature coolant expansion tanks, which are designed to help in not only catching the coolant that runs over and spills out of your coolant in the case of a rapid expansion, but also in dealing with the pressure and heat generated so it doesn't cause damage to the seals and parts of your cooling system. This ensures that you have more coolant to run with every day, in turn keeping your engine better protected against high heat and saving you money on constant coolant top ups.

Naturally then, coolant expansion tanks and overflow bottles have to be made tough, and built to be capable of dealing with exceptionally high temperatures and pressures on a daily basis. In order to guarantee this for you, we've gone to Motorkool, one of the Australia's leaders in heat transfer and cooling system solutions, to source a great range of coolant expansion tanks that are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. All of these tanks and bottles are made from heavy duty materials and designed to be tough, light and easy to install so you can get on the road with more peace of mind.