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About Oil Coolers & Transmission Coolers

While your oil does the vital job of protecting your engine and transmission, the oil cooler and transmission cooler go one step further and protect your engine oil and transmission fluid itself. If you need a new oil cooler or trans cooler, make sure you're replacing it with a truly quality part to guarantee a longer, healthier life for your engine and it's vital fluids.

What Do Oil Coolers & Transmission Coolers Do?

Oil coolers and transmission coolers provide absolutely vital cooling for your engine oil and transmission fluid. In the same way that your radiator cools down the coolant and water circulating through your engine, oil coolers and trans coolers are simple heat exchange devices. As the heated oil flows out of the engine, it passes through the oil cooler where a flow of cool air is channeled across the pipes carrying it. This cools the engine oil down rapidly, making it ready to enter your engine again and help cool it once more.

Why a Good Oil Cooler or Trans Cooler is Important in Every Vehicle

Engine oil and transmission fluid can become incredibly compromised if it's heated up too much. While this might seem strange when it's regularly introduced to the extreme pressures and temperatures of your engine, your oil actually flows in a circulation throughout your engine and transmission. This is done in order to stop it from breaking down, as oil that's constantly kept at extreme temperatures is much more prone to foaming and oxidising, something that is disastrous on it's protective features. A good oil cooler will ensure this doesn't happen.

Our Range of Oil Coolers & Transmission Coolers

Spares Box has gone to Davies Craig, one of the world leaders in automotive cooling systems and electrical components, meaning that every oil cooler and trans cooler we sell is at the absolute pinnacle of OE performance and reliability.