Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 105-101 fits BMW X5 (E53) Diesel
8EW 351 105-101
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 104-451 fits BMW 5 Series (E60)
8EW 351 104-451
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 043-251 fits BMW 3 Series 2004-12 (E90)
8EW 351 043-251
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 040-411 fits Volkswagen Golf Mk5/Passat/Touran
8EW 351 040-411
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 040-401 fits Volkswagen Golf Mk5/Passat/Touran
8EW 351 040-401
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 039-771 fits Volkswagen Passat B(5) 2.0/2.8
8EW 351 039-771
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 039-171 fits Volkswagen Golf Mk5
8EW 351 039-171
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 038-391 fits BMW 3 (E46)
8EW 351 038-391
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 351 038-371 fits Audi A4 (B6)
8EW 351 038-371
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 009 157-441 fits Holden Barina (SB)
8EW 009 157-441
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 009 144-531 fits Volkswagen Polo (6N1)
8EW 009 144-531
Hella Radiator Fan 8EW 009 144-351 fits Audi A4 (8D2,B5)
8EW 009 144-351

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About Radiator Fans

Fans comprises one of the chief components of your vehicle's cooling system, and as such they're much more complicated and costly to replace than your average ceiling fan! Your radiator fan helps to force air across the cooling pipes, ensuring that your vehicle's coolant is cooled down in time to cycle back through your engine and do its job. Keeping your coolant stable is not just a matter of keeping your engine cool, but also preventing it from boiling and getting to a temperature where it can corrode or damage the hoses and seals that make up the rest of your cooling system.

Your vehicle's fan is made up of a number of parts that enable it to run for the entire time your vehicle is running, day in, day out and throughout any conditions. The motors and clutches that actually drive your fan can both be expensive to replace and play a vital role in both protecting your engine and ensuring that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible. Make sure you're getting the best quality and the best value by ordering from our range of premium fan clutches and radiator fan motors from both Bosch and SACHS.

Spares Box carries a wide range of radiator viscous fan clutches from SACHS, which are premium engineered by the German manufacturer to fit your vehicle perfectly. These fan clutches work to increase or decrease the speed of the fan according to the intensity of how the engine is running, providing optimised cooling according to how much your vehicle's engine needs it. This in turn increases your engines fuel efficiency, optimising it's power consumption and ensuring that the most fuel possible is going towards keeping your vehicle moving.

BOSCH are the manufacturer of our range of radiator fan motors, ensuring that your radiator fan is kept running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Just like SACHS, BOSCH are famous for their premium range of German engineered automotive parts, ensuring that you get components worthy of all manner of drivers, mechanics and even the Original Equipment demands of vehicle manufacturers.