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About Transmission Cooler Hoses

A transmission cooler hose is responsible for keeping the oil and transmission fluid in your car cooled down. Sparesbox carries a varied range of transmission oil cooler hoses from Mackay, one of the widely trusted brands for rubber components.

What do Transmission Cooler Hoses do?

For a proper functioning, it is essential to keep all the fluids in your car at the right temperature. An oil cooler hose works to eliminate the heat that is produced when your car is in operation.

The oil cooler and oil cooler hose are in constant operation as too much heat in your car’s engine can lead to a lot of damage. The fluids pass through the oil cooler hose and then into the oil cooler where they run through a series of rows.

How are Good Transmission Cooler Hoses Important for Drivers

Responsible for protecting your vehicle and the engine, transmission coolers play a vital role and so do the transmission cooler oil hose. Your car’s transmission cooler hose is designed to last as long as your car’s engine. Since the hose is exposed to heat on a regular basis, it is bound to wear with time. Mostly made of rubber, the hose might break or starts to leak oil which can lead to severe problems with the car such as the engine might get hotter than normal. Replacing your car’s transmission oil cooler hose becomes unavoidable in such situations.

Our Range of Transmission Cooler Hoses

Sparesbox offers an extensive variety of transmission cooler hoses from Mackay to suit your needs. Mackay is a leading supplier of engineered rubber products for the automotive market. These transmission cooler hoses from Mackay are designed to meet or even exceed OE specifications. Mackay’s reputation for supreme quality, reliability and innovation makes it a brand preferred by all. Also, check out Mackay’s range of rubber hoses, vibration isolators and bushes for keeping your vehicle’s internals protected and secure.