About Distributors & Distributor Parts

Distributors disperse the electrical current from your starter motor into each of the spark plugs in turn to provide the ignition for your engine. Ensuring that each spark plug gets a reliable flow of power is imperative in making them fire effectively and at the precise time that's necessary, meaning your distributor plays a vital role in ensuring engine performance and efficiency is maximised.

How Distributors Work

After the power generated by your vehicle's battery and starter motors are converted into a current, it's fed into the distributor. Within the distributor caps are a number of contact points which link your spark plugs to the rest of your ignition system through the ignition leads. As power is fed into the distributor, an arm (commonly known as a distributor rotor) spins and makes contact with the contact point for each spark plug in your engine in turn. This controls the order and timing of each spark plug firing.

Henceforth, a loose distributor cap or a faulty distributor can cause so many cars to shut down suddenly, as a lack of contact means that the spark plugs are no longer getting any current.

Why Good Distributors can Benefit Australian Drivers

While distributors are relatively simple bits of equipment, having a reliable distributor is vital to ensure that your spark plugs are consistently and reliably firing. A faulty distributor can lead to a lack of power for one or more spark plugs, leading to misfiring, reduced engine power, or even complete engine failure.

Good distributors are built to last the distance, and should provide many years of reliable service without too many hassles or issues. Particularly in Australia where conditions are exceptionally hot and extreme, making sure your distributor is built to put up with harsh environments can be incredibly useful in always ensuring that your car will start up safely.

Our Range of Distributors & Parts

Our range of distributors is premium made by Fuelmiser and BOSCH to provide the most reliable service possible for your vehicle's ignition system. We also stock a wide range of distributor parts to ensure that if one part of your distributor fails, you can get back on the road as safely and cheaply as possible. From distributor caps and distributor plugs to distributor contact sets and dust covers, we have you prepared for every eventuality.