About Engine Pulleys & Tensioners

Your engine needs a massive array of pulleys, brackets and other mechanical bits and bobs to keep everything ticking over as smoothly as possible. Almost all of the systems around your vehicle's engine need some form of pulley or tensioner to drive them effectively, including your engine's crankshaft & camshaft, the alternator that charges the battery (and in turn, your electrics) and your power steering system, just to name a few.

Why Good Engine Pulleys & Tensioners are Important

As most drivers have seen at least once during their time on the road, one failed tensioner or pulley can severely impede your driving experience and even prevent your car from starting at a very unfortunate moment, so our range of pulleys and tensioners is geared towards providing your vehicle with the utmost reliability.

There's a massive gulf in difference between good engine components and bad ones, something that becomes plainly evident once they start to get old and display signs of wear and tear. High quality engine pulleys and tensioners should be manufactured from the best materials and machined to OE dimensions, meaning that you get the exact performance and reliability that your vehicle's original manufacturer would expect. Every part you find on our website either meets or exceeds these standards.

Our Range of Engine Pulleys & Tensioners

Spares Box carries the huge range of belt tensioners, pulleys and engine brackets that work with your belts help to drive your vehicle's systems every day. These ranges are made by the likes of DAYCO, Nuline and Gates and stretch over all areas of your engine's belt systems including idler tensioner pulleys, serpentine belt tensioners, engine pulleys, alternator pulleys, bracket pulleys and harmonic balancers. All of these components have been manufactured to OE levels of quality, ensuring the quality, reliability and performance that Australia's most demanding vehicle manufacturers require for installation in their brand new vehicles.