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About Serpentine Belts

Serpentine belts are long, winding belts that are used to deliver tension and drive multiple engine pulleys at once. Reliable serpentine belts are vital for running all of your vehicle's accessories at once, as well as keeping your vehicle's battery charged and your vehicle electrics running reliably.

How Serpentine Belts Work

Your engine setup contains a number of pulleys that run off the rotational force created by your engine, in turn helping to generate the electricity to keep your accessories, battery and ignition powered properly. While older engines use a number of belts (known commonly as V-Belts) which connect the pulleys to drive them, serpentine belts are designed as thinner, more flexible belts that snake around all of your engine pulleys to power them at once. As your engine's crankshaft rotates, the belt begins to spin and the friction created on the pulleys helps them turn in sync.

Why Good Serpentine Belts are Important

As anyone who's ever suffered a serpentine belt failure will tell you, reliable engine belts are absolutely crucial in making sure your engine runs. Without the constant tension on these engine pulleys, your vehicle is no longer able to generate power under it's own accord, leading to a complete discharging of the battery and a complete failure of all engine electrics. No electricity means no spark going into the combustion chambers, and you grind to a halt very quickly.

Our Range of Serpentine Belts

Spares Box has gone to 3 of the world's leading manufacturers in serpentine belts to make sure your engine electrics always have the best chance to perform at their best. Our range of Bosch, Dayco and Gates serpentine belts are all made from tough, durable materials that are flexible enough to turn your vehicle pulleys with optimum efficiency and hardy enough to do so for thousands of kms without a problem.