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About V-Belts

V Belts form the network of belts that join up your engine's pulleys and tensioners to drive the various accessories and electronic components throughout your vehicle. Just one failed V-belt can lead to a loss of power in a crucial area of your car, so it's vital that you keep all of them in tip-top condition.

How V-Belts Work

Each one of your engine's various electrical components and pumps are controlled by a pulley that's driven by the rotation of the engine. V-belts connect these pulleys up, making them turn in sync by looping around them and generating the friction required to turn them both at once. V-Belts are commonly used to connect just two engine pulleys, and multiple V-belts will be found in any one engine.

V-belts come in a multitude of shapes. Standard v-belts form a 'V' cross section, hence their name, whereas 'Multi-V' belts have multiple V-shaped grooves, helping to increase the surface area of the belt and in turn the friction placed on the engine pulley. Different vehicles require different kinds of belts, so be sure you're getting the right one for you.

Why Good V-Belts are Important

V-Belts drive some of the most important components in your engine. Most vitally, the pulleys they drive are connected to your both your vehicle's water pump and alternator, both of which are vital for making sure your engine is kept cool and generating the electrical power it needs to create combustion in its chambers. A failed V belt can result in a total loss of power, rapid engine overheating and failed electrics, meaning it's crucial that you're getting the best quality V-belts or multi-V belts for your money.

Our Range of V-Belts

Spares Box is proud to offer one of Australia's leading ranges of V-belts and multi-V belts to fit just about every vehicle. With the combined ranges of Bosch, Dayco and Gates all at our disposal, we offer only the finest V-belts available, every one of which has been engineered and precision manufactured to fit perfectly, last longer and deliver reliable performance with every turn of the engine.