About Harmonic Balancers

Harmonic balancers are an incredibly important part of many engines, helping to drive many of your vehicle's accessories while protecting your crankshaft from potentially catastrophic failure. Made from materials such as rubber, they can eventually fail or deteriorate themselves, meaning it's important that you keep them in perfect working order. Whether you're running a daily beater or a prestige European sedan, Spares Box carries a huge range of harmonic balancers to fit your vehicle and keep a vital part of its engine in perfect working order.

How do Harmonic Balancers Work?

Harmonic balancers serve two main purposes within your engine. First and foremost, they act to absorb vibrations created by the crankshaft as it rotates, protecting the camshaft itself from reaching resonance and potentially failing. In order to do so, harmonic balancers make use of an energy dissipating element (normally made of rubber) which attaches at the front of the crankshaft.

Secondly, many harmonic balancers serve the function of acting as a drive belt pulley. Helping to keep your drive belt tight and spinning in the correct timings as set by your engine, this makes your harmonic balancer vital in operating the electrical components and accessories located throughout your vehicle.

Our Range of Harmonic Balancers

Spares Box carries a huge range of harmonic balancers to suit just about every common passenger vehicle on the road. Our harmonic balancers come from Gates, who are the world's largest manufacturer of OE belts and engine components, and Powerbond, who operate under trusted Australian Dayco banner. All of our harmonic balancers are fashioned to perfect precision from the highest quality cast iron, with the best quality rubber fittings to provide the ultimate performance when dampening crankshaft vibrations.

All of our harmonic balancers are made from original equipment materials, to precise measurements as dictated by your vehicle's manufacturer, meaning you can be guaranteed of long-lasting, reliable performance.