About Engine Sensors

Your engine contains a massive number of sensors that helps it manage the intake and output of fuel, air and liquids that it uses to operate everyday. Every part of your vehicles engine is carefully measured and managed in the aim of optimising your vehicle's power output and fuel efficiency, so you can get to your destination in a faster, cleaner manner. Sparesbox range of Air Flow Meters, Coolant Sensors, Crank & Camshaft Sensors, Idle Air Control Valve Sensors, Knock Sensors, MAP Sensors, Oil Sensors, Oxygen Lambda Sensors and Variable Valve Timing Solenoid from AFI, Bosch, Davies Craig, Fuelmiser, Hella and Tridon has been carefully selected to keep your engine running seamlessly for longer.

How Engine Sensors Work

Your engine takes in, gives out and cycles through a huge amount of liquid, air and fuel for every km it travels. In order to make sure these elements are being used and cycled as efficiently as possible, your engine utilises a number of sensors, all with different jobs. Your crank & camshaft sensors work measure the position and angle of your engine components, in turn helping to determine the timing of fuel injection and ignition that takes place within your engine.

Your vehicle's coolant and oil sensors measure pressure and temperature of the liquids going through your engine, helping you to determine when these need either changing or replacing and alerting you of any issues with the pumps or hoses that make up your cooling and oil systems. Your engine also has a number of air flow meters, control valve sensors, pressure and oxygen sensors which analyse the input and output of air and gas going through your vehicle's intake and exhaust systems. This in turn enables your engine to optimise both the flow and the ratio of the fuel/air mixture being injected into your vehicle's combustion chambers.

Our Range of Engine Sensors

Sparesbox carries a huge range of engine sensors, all precision engineered to fit your vehicle's ECU perfectly and be fully compatible with every one of its systems. Made by some of the world's leading names in automotive sensors and electrics including; AFIBoschDavies CraigFuelmiserHella and Tridon, each one of these sensors will deliver true OE performance and withstand the harsh conditions of your engine bay with unrivalled reliability.