About Coolant Sensors

Your vehicle's cooling system operates pretty simply - coolant flows around your engine to help dissipate the heat caused by running for km after km. Keeping your coolant flowing freely and performing as it should is down to the driver though, and part of this job is aided massively by your vehicle's coolant sensors.

How Coolant Sensors Work

Your vehicle has a number of sensors, all dedicated to ensuring that your engine temperature is optimal and preventing potentially catastrophic damage. If something has gone wrong with your engine or cooling system, your temperature gauge will start to rise in the manner that all drivers dread. Your coolant sensors are preventative measure against this, measuring all aspects of your cooling system so you're made aware of their status as much as possible, while optimising the flow of water and coolant to meet the requirements of your engine.

As well as the engine temperature sensors which measure the temperature of your engine's vital components, your vehicle also has coolant temperature sensors and coolant pressure sensors. All of these combined ensure that your engine is receiving the optimal flow of coolant during its daily running, while keeping you alert to any problems within your engine or cooling system.

Our Range of Coolant Sensors

Spares Box has a massive range of coolant sensors, all of which are precision engineered by world leaders in vehicle sensors to work seamlessly with your engine. Made by the likes of HELLA, Bosch and AFI, our coolant sensor range includes both coolant pressure sensors and coolant temperature sensors, as well as engine temperature senders to help make sure that your engine is running at optimum temperature all the time.

All of these sensors are engineered to provide OE levels of reliability and performance, meaning they're built to withstand the harsh conditions of your vehicle's cooling system and provide the levels of performance expected by your vehicle's manufacturer.