About MAP Sensors

Your vehicle's MAP sensor is one of the key components in keeping your engine running at optimum health. Optimising not only your vehicle's ignition timing fuel/air mixture, it's incredibly important to keep your vehicle's MAP sensor running at 100% for the life of your engine.

How a MAP Sensor Works

Standing for Manifold Absolute Pressure, your MAP sensor works by measuring the amount of vacuum (and in turn the air pressure) within your vehicle's intake manifold. This information is then passed to your vehicle's ECU, which can make adjustments to the load (meaning the quantity and richness of the fuel air mixture) and ignition timing of your vehicle's engine. This in turn guarantees the most efficient, effective power output of your engine with no risk of damage caused by poor engine management.

As you could imagine, your vehicle's MAP sensor is crucial in ensuring that your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible, and a malfunctioning MAP sensor will cause exactly what you think it will: rough engine performance. If your vehicles engine is sounding or feeling rough while driving, there's a chance that a faulty MAP sensor could be to blame.

Our Range of MAP Sensors

Should you experience a faulty MAP sensor at any time in your vehicle's life, rest assured that we have you covered with our range of over 200 premium OE-quality MAP sensors. Manufactured by the likes of Bosch, AFI and Fuelmiser, our MAP sensors combine the ultimate in performance and reliability with incredible value that gets you back on the road, running smoothly for less money.

All of our MAP sensors are precision engineered and designed to be seamlessly compatible with your vehicle's ECU system, something that's absolutely crucial for the healthy running of your vehicle's engine. With OE build quality and engineering, you can be sure that any one of our MAP sensors will last the distance and do its job to perfection.