About Oil Sensors

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle's motor, helping to keep your engine cool and lubricated enough to deal with thousands of RPM, every minute and every kilometre travelled. Keeping your oil sufficiently cool and pumping at a stable pressure is key to making sure your engine gets optimum protection from heat, friction and corrosion, something that oil sensors play a vital role in.

How Oil Sensors Work

Your engine has a number of sensors dedicated to alerting the driver whether or not your engine oil is doing the best job it can for your vehicle. Drops or spikes in oil pressure can both result in a lack of oil flow to your engine, potentially causing catastrophic engine seizure. As such, many engines have engine oil pressure and oil level sensors to ensure that your oil is pumping and circulating throughout your engine as it should.

The job of absorbing engine heat can make your oil incredibly hot, but engine oil only has a certain resistance to heat before it starts foaming up, deteriorating and losing its vital lubrication properties. In order to prevent this, your engine also contains oil temperature sensors which help you stay in the know when your oil begins to get too hot. Oil that commonly gets too hot may need changing, something that your oil temperature sensor is designed to help alert you of.

Our Range of Oil Sensors

Spares Box has a range of over 100 different oil sensors, each of which deliver the most precise oil readings and data available on the market for OE applications. Coming with build quality from the likes of BOSCH, HELLA and AFI, all of our oil sensors are designed to deliver truly reliable, accurate information for both you and your vehicle, making sure your oil is always up to the task of keeping your engine protected from the elements.