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About Oxygen Lambda Sensors

Your oxygen lambda sensor is absolutely vital in making sure your engine is running as smoothly and cleanly as possible, helping to optimise your vehicle's emissions and ensure your engine is burning at the cleanest, most efficient rate possible.

How Oxygen Lambda Sensors Work

Your vehicle's emission reduction systems operate within extremely tight tolerances of both heat and air/fuel ratio, a breach of which can render your vehicle's catalytic converter incapable of carrying out it's job - converting harmful exhaust into non-poisonous gasses that are safer on the atmosphere. Oxygen lambda sensors help to reduce the emissions of your vehicle's engine by ensuring that the fuel/air mixture in your engine is not only burning as cleanly and efficiently as possible, but also being released into the atmosphere in the safest manner.

To do this, oxygen lambda sensors monitors the amount of oxygen in the gases released by the exhaust before and after they reaches the cat, in turn helping the ECU determine how much fuel to mix with the air being let into the combustion chambers. Should it find an issue with the heat of the catalytic converter or the amount of oxygen within the exhaust gases, the oxygen lambda sensor will send a signal to the ECU to change up the fuel/air ratio and rectify the issue.

Our Range of Oxygen Lambda Sensors

Spares Box has a massive range of oxygen lambda sensors, both of which are made available through some of Australia's leaders in importing and supplying premium vehicle sensors. Our oxygen lambda sensors come through both Fuelmiser and AFI, the latter of whom are suppliers for world leading brands such as BOSCH, NGK and Denso.

All of these oxygen lambda sensors are manufactured and engineered to work with your vehicle's ECU, and will be 100% compatible with the OE requirements of your engine as set out by your vehicle manufacturer. This guarantees the best sensor performance, as well as the ultimate in reliability and value for money.