About Filters

Vehicle filters act as the vital organs in your car and ensure that the air, fuel and oil circulating in your vehicles engine and cabin are free of contaminants that can harm your engine and your passengers. Choosing the right filters for your vehicle can be confusing, there is no shortage of filter types and brands on the market. Sparesbox makes choosing the right filters for your vehicle easy with a range of Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters, Filter Service Kits, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Power Steering Filters and Transmission Filters from leading brands Drivetech 4x4, Fuelmiser, K&N Filters, MANN, Ryco Filters and Wesfil Filters suitable for application on a wide range of vehicle makes and models. 

What does a Filter do?

Allowing your vehicle to breathe is the air filter, which cleans the air being injected into your engine and combusted from gases, particles, dirt and road dust before they enter the vital parts of your engine and cause damage whereas a cabin air filter takes care of the breathing environment of the driver and passengers.

Oil Filters and Transmission Filters ensure that the oil circulating throughout your engine is kept free of sludge, deposits and contamination while it flows at a steady rate. The fuel filter helps in getting rid of all the contaminants and moisture in your fuel system before it gets injected into your engine.

How are Good Filters Beneficial for Drivers?

Cars are fickler things than you'd imagine. Like the most discerning people, they require a certain amount of purity regarding the fluids and air circulating around them to properly function at optimum efficiency.

Being such an invaluable resource in your car, getting a good air and cabin air filter is one of the simplest and vital ways of ensuring that your vehicle's engine and passengers lead a long, efficient and healthy life. Good oil filters and transmission filters are the best way of ensuring that your engine oil and transmission fluid do their incredibly important daily jobs properly.

Our Range of Filters

Sparesbox offers air flters from a wide range of brands, such as Ryco and MANN, all of which deliver OE-quality levels of filtration, and K&N Filters, who offer high-flow, reusable and washable air filters that allow your engine to take in more air and perform at a higher level.

Choose a MANN or Ryco Oil Filter for OE-quality applications throughout Australian and European vehicles, or a K&N Oil FIlter for high-flow, high performance filtration. Many of these companies also offer OE-quality filters for more specific parts of your vehicle, including fuel filters, cabin air filters and secondary fuel filters.

Our range of Filter Service Kits from the likes of Ryco and Drivetech 4X4 are the best ways of ensuring that you get quality parts at the best value, all in one place to give to your mechanic when it comes time to get your car serviced.