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About Diesel Fuel Filters

Diesel fuel filters are one of the most important protective bits of kit for any serious 4x4 enthusiast who drives a diesel. By providing an extra barrier for your engine, a diesel fuel filter will ensure incredible protection for your engine against anything that could cause catastrophic engine failure while off-road or in rural areas.

What does a Diesel Fuel Filter do?

Diesel fuel filters, also known as a fuel manager or a diesel water seperator, acts as a pre-filter for the diesel engine being pumped into a 4x4 diesel engine. As diesel engines work to extremely tight tolerances, any incursion of contaminants or water into a diesel engine's fuel can be catastrophic, leading to cracked cylinders and complete engine failure.

Diesel fuel filters counterract this, by separating any water or larger contaminants from the diesel before it's pumped any further throughout your fuel system. This means that regardless of the quality of the diesel fuel being put into an engine, the driver can still rest assured that their engine will continue to run as smooth as possible.

Why are Diesel Fuel Filters Crucial for Many Australian Drivers?

While perhaps not as commonly seen in the major urban areas of Australia, for rural drivers, diesel fuel filters are an absolutely essential extra safeguard. Firstly, because rural petrol stations are often not as well maintained as those in the major cities, the fuel quality in rural areas is susceptible to much more fluctuation. Secondly, in the vast expanse of the Australian outback, a complete engine breakdown can present serious danger to any unprepared driver.

As such, it's crucial that the driver of any diesel 4x4 has their engine safeguarded against poor quality diesel fuel, particularly when driving on rural highways or tackling off-road trails..

Our Range of Diesel Fuel Filters and Fuel Manager Kits

Sparesbox has gone to Drivetech 4x4 to source a range of diseel fuel filters and fuel manager kits that cater for a huge range of 4x4s most commonly found in the Australian outback. Our range of diesel fuel filters covers a huge range of Toyota, Nissan, Holden and Ford vehicles, from off-roading 4x4s to the hardest working trucks.

All of our Drivetech 4x4 fuel manager kits offer incredible initial filtration of any diesel fuel, regardless of its quality or water content, so you can be sure that your diesel is getting the cleanest fuel possible. They also come with all the brackets, bolts and high quality piping to ensure the easiest installation possible for any enthusiast.