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About Diesel Water Sensors

If you've ever heard stories about what happens when water gets into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine, then you'll know why diesel water sensors are so important. If you haven't, then let us tell you.

How Diesel Water Sensors Work

Forgoing the need of spark plugs or electrical ignition once they get going, diesel engines rely on pressure alone to combust the fuel/air mixture inside the combustion chamber, based solely on the sheer volatility of the diesel fuel being injected into it. As the piston travels up into the chamber, the build up of heat and pressure in the chamber causes the mixture to ignite, forcing it back down again and causing the engine to turn.

Water is completely disastrous to this process, as it takes away the diesel's ability to ignite properly. Depending on how much water gets into your diesel fuel, the severity of this can range from a drop in performance to a complete breakdown altogether. Excessive amounts of water in a diesel fuel system can cause corrosion, a lack of combustion and therefore a lack of power, while a piston pushing up into a combustion chamber with water-contaminated diesel can potentially break, causing catastrophic engine failure.

The diesel water sensor is set up to combat this, helping the engine determine whether or not any free water has made it through the secondary fuel filter common in many diesel engines (that has the sole job of separating water from diesel). Situated in the fuel rail, the fuel water sensor will alert the driver through a light on the dash as to whether any water has incurred into the rail, so they can stop the engine and prevent potential damage.

Our Range of Diesel Water Sensors

Water contamination in diesel is an unfortunately common occurrence through many petrol stations, and thankfully Spares Box carries a great range of diesel water sensors to fit many of Australia's most popular diesel vehicles. These sensors are manufactured by the world leaders in automotive sensors to give you the most accurate readings and afford your diesel engine with the best chance at a long, healthy life.