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About Fuel Pressure Sensors

Fuel pressure sensors play a key role in ensuring your engine runs as healthy as possible. To make sure you're always getting a healthy flow of fuel and not letting a single drop go to waste, be sure to keep your fuel pressure sensor running in tip top condition, replacing it if necessary.

How Fuel Pressure Sensors Work

Your fuel pressure sensor is the most important component in helping you make sure that your engine is receiving a healthy flow of fuel. By measuring the rate and the pressure of fuel in the fuel rail, the sensor is able to alert the engine ECU of any drops or spikes in fuel pressure. Drops in pressure can be caused by a leak or a problem fuel injection system, whereas a build up in pressure can often be symptomatic of a blockage. This data is then sent to the engine management system, which can adjust the flow of fuel from the pump into the rail to meet the needs of your engine, whether it needs a boost in power or not, and compensate for any drops in fuel pressure.

A faulty fuel pressure sensor can cause a number of problems with the combustion and efficient use of fuel by your engine. This causes many symptoms synonymous with impending engine breakdowns, including stalling, fuel leakages and black smoke from the exhaust system, trouble getting the engine started and general rough running during driving.

Our Range of Fuel Pressure Sensors

All types of fuel pressure sensor are prone to failure, but thankfully Spares Box carries one of Australia's largest ranges of fuel pressure sensors from all of the most common names you're most likely to find as OE equipment in cars across the world. We have an outstanding range of HELLA and Bosch fuel pressure sensors, as well as a great supplemental range from AFI, who are a trusted distributor of Denso in particular.