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Throttle Body Assembly AFI TB1198

Fitment: Fits multiple vehicles

Throttle Body Assembly AFI TB1157

Fitment: Engine

Throttle Body Assembly AFI TB1144

Fitment: Engine

Throttle Body Assembly AFI TB1153

Fitment: Engine

SuperPro Throttle Bush Kit SPF0982K

Fitment: Front


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About Throttle Body

Your throttle body is essentially the part of your fuel injection system that's responsible for controlling the amount of air being pumped into the engine. Generally located between your vehicle's air filter and the intake manifold, the throttle body uses your position on the throttle pedal to increase or decrease the amount of air going into the manifold based on where your foot lies. As your foot presses it down, it opens up, and as you take it off it closes. Simple, right?

In order to do this, a number of different parts make up your vehicle's throttle body, including bushings to keep all the moving parts of your throttle body in place and free from grinding against one another, and throttle position sensors to detect where your foot is positioned on the throttle and relay that information to the ECU.Here at Spares Box we have an excellent range of throttle body products to ensure that you get a responsive throttle feel and the performance that you've come to expect from your vehicle over it's lifetime.

Our range of throttle body assemblies come from AFI, Australia's leader in Automotive Fuel injection products and systems. To keep the assembly in place and working as it should, our range of throttle bushings are premium manufactured by SuperPro. These bushings are crafted from proprietary polyurethane to ensure the ultimate in abrasion resistance, temperature management and the control of noise, harshness and vibration. Finally, we stock a fantastic range of German Engineered throttle position sensors, made with precision and perfection by the world's leader in automotive sensors and electronics, Hella.

If you're having any problems with your vehicle's throttle and your throttle body needs an upgrade or a change, you can be sure that you're getting the very best replacement parts by getting them through Spares Box.