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About Cleaning Guns & Blow Guns

Cleaning Guns & Blow Guns provide high-flow cleanining in a small, easy to use package. Suitable for use by automotive professionals, trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, Cleaning Guns & Blow Guns can be used in a variety of applications including: high-pressure cooling system flushing, high-flow water cleaning and as a high-volume air blowgun. Featuring integrated air and water controls for ease of use, Cleaning Guns and Blow Guns are a complete cleaning solution suitable for use with most popular air compressors and pressure cleaners.

Our Range of Cleaning Guns & Blow Guns

Sparesbox has teamed up with two of Australia's leading manufacturers of automotive tools, Toledo Tools and SP Tools, to offer a complete range of Cleaning Guns and Blow Guns that are suitable for use in commercial and domestic applications.