About Key Sets

No workshop or toolkit is complete without a high-quality set of hex wrenches, allen keys and key sets. A huge range of the fastenings throughout your home or vehicle require Allen keys, hex keys and torx keys to both loosen and tighten. Being thin, small and versatile enough to reach into small areas and cope with smaller fastenings, key wrenches generally have to be able to put up with high amounts of torque on a very slender piece of equipment, which means that quality is vital.

Sparesbox's Range of Key Sets

Sparesbox has teamed up with two of Australia's leading manufacturers of Automotive Tools and Trade Tools, SP Tools and Toledo Tools, to offer an extensive range of Key Sets that are suitable for Automotive & Trade Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you're adding to your toolkit or building a professional toolkit, Sparesbox range of premium Allen Keys, Hex Keys & Bit Sets are guaranteed to withstand the rigours of commercial application.