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About Ignition Coils & Coil Packs

Ignition coils play one of the most vital roles every day in getting your car started, making it imperative that you have one in your car that's reliable and hard-wearing enough for daily use. Helping to generate the charge that gets your spark plugs firing, a faulty ignition coil can lead to misifiring, stalling, backfiring and poor fuel economy, all of which are obviously something you'd want to avoid.

How Ignition Coils Work

Ignition coils are essentially small transformers between your car's battery and it's distributor, and consist of a positive end, where the current is fed in, a negative end where it's earthed, and a core. Within them lays copper wiring, wrapped in a loop thousands of times around the core to create a primary and a seconday wire. As the 12V power from the battery is fed through the positive point into the primary it travels around, creating a magnetic field and greatly enhancing the power of the current.

When the spark plug needs to fire, the positive point of the system is cut off, disrupting the flow of the current and causing the magnetic field to collapse. The current then enters the core itself and travels up the connected ignition lead to the spark plug or distributor. For such small things, ignition coils are capable of generating immense amounts of power, and it's not uncommon for an ignition coil to convert a 12V current into 50 or 60,0000V.

How a Reliable Ignition Coil can Benefit Australian Drivers

Pretty much every car has one ignition coil for every 2 cylinders in the engine, making it vital that each of these coils functions reliably and efficiently over time. A faulty or failed ignition coil means that the spark plugs of your engine aren't getting the proper voltage they need to combust your fuel, which can have terrible effects on your engine's performance and efficiency.

There are a few common symptoms that come with having a failed or dysfunctional ignition coil. First of these is a struggle to get the car started, and stalling is common when you have a failed ignition coil. Should you manage to start the car, your ignition coil may develop a misfire or backfire when you try to accelerate off the line.

In the long term, the lack of efficient combustion can also have negative effects on both emissions and fuel consumption. A good ignition coil can help combat all of this, making sure that every cylinder gets the spark it needs.

Our Range of Ignition Coils

Spares Box carries a choice of over a thousand different ignition coils and coil packs from the world's leading ignition specialists. We've sourced our ignition coils from the likes of BOSCH, Hella, NGK Spark Plugs and AFI, all of which feature the latest in ignition coil technology for the very best performance and longevity.