About Car Interior Protector

Keeping your car's interior trim protected is as important as the polish and wax you put on it's paint. Our range of car interior protectors will keep all the plastic, rubber and vinyl throughout your cabin clean, protected and looking like the day it rolled out of the factory.

How Car Interior Protector Works

The interior of your car, while protected from the elements of wind and rain, is actually far more delicate as you think. As you rack up thousands of kilometres of driving, eating, living and even perhaps sleeping in your car, the different materials that make up your car's interior trim starts to lose it's natural protectants and need conditioning. The black plastic trim that makes up the dashboard and trim of your interior is susceptible to greying and cracking as the result of UV radiation, while the rubber and vinyl of your steering wheel and controls can also become damaged over years of constant use.

For this reason, many companies make car interior protectors, to help not only protect these surfaces from everyday degradation, but help them look as rich and new as possible.

Our Range of Car Interior Protectors

Mothers, Autoglym and Meguiars all offer outstanding all-purpose car interior protectors, designed to condition, restore and protect the black plastic trim on your car. These protectants shield your trim from the harmful effects of UV radiation and keep it looking black with a classic, natural shine that lasts for months.

Spares Box also carries a couple of products that are fantastic for dealing with the vinyl and rubber surfaces of your car, bringing them back to a natural shine through the use of gentle cleaners and conditioners. Both Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care and Mothers VLR will help keep your rubber and vinyl surfaces soft, protected and left with a natural finish that's pleasant to the touch.