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About Leather Cleaner & Leather Care

Spares Box is happy to stock a huge range of Leather cleaners and leather care products, which range from simple to use leather wipes for quick clean ups, all the way to rich, nourishing leather conditioners, balms and oils.

Why Leather Needs Special Care

Leather requires a far greater deal of care than your standard cloth upholstery, as UV exposure can leave it prone to drying, cracking and the loss of it's luxurious feel. Just like with any leather care products, your vehicle's leather trim or upholstery requires this level of care, and these car care products are designed to not only clean your leather of any damaging contaminents, but also nourish and condition it with rich oils to keep it supple, soft and healthy.

Our Leather Cleaner & Leather Care Range

As more vehicles are released with Leather seats and trimmings as standard, the wide range of leather cleaners and leather care products coming from brands such as Autoglym, Meguiars and Mothers is ever growing.

Simple to use and stash in the glove compartment, leather care wipes such as Meguiars Gold Class Leather Care wipes are saturated with a convenient formula that clean and condition your leather. These wipes also leave a non greasy finish to your leather, in the form of a protective coating that safeguards it from spills and stains. For a more luxurious feel and the care of the most exclusive vehicle upholstery and leather, check out some of the richer products in our leather care range.

Many luxury car owners prefer a two step solution to car leather care, using a leather cleaner to remove the most contaminants from their leather trim. This is then followed with a conditioner to provide leather seats with nourishing oils without leaving a greasy, unpleasant finish.