About Knives, Cutters & Pliers

Knives, Cutters and pliers are an everyday essential. Being an important component of your tool kit, each of these tools have a function of their own. Sparesbox has teamed up with Toledo and SP Tools, the two leading brands in the Australian automotive tools industry to offer you a variety of knives, cutters and pliers.

What do Knives, Cutters & Pliers do?

Knives have their place from your kitchen to your workshop and your picnic basket to tool box. With their sharp blades and comfortable handles, knives are handy tools that can be used on regular basis on different surfaces. Cutters are of different types like bolt, wire, pipe and tube, with each having a distinct ability to cut through the object without leaving any burrs. With their ability to hold objects strongly, pliers protect you from electric shock and allow you to apply maximum pressure while performing the job.

How are good Knives, Cutters & Pliers essential for Australian Drivers?

Whether cutting a wire or tube, a set of good quality tools will come handy. A set of knives, cutters and pliers could save you from unexpected situations and come handy when you want to try your hand on different things. Designed with high quality material and precision grip, these tools allow you to perform the task with ease. Using the ideal tool will leave for wires, cables, bolts and tubes will leave them in good condition and allow it to inserted easily. Made out of chromed vanadium steel, pliers offer toughness and versatility as you access and manipulate all areas of your vehicle.

Our Range of Knives, Cutters & Pliers

Sparesbox is proud to stock knives, cutters and pliers from SP Tools and Toledo, the trusted brands in automotive tools market. Locally owned and operated, their range of tools are designed to cater for apprentices, mechanics and workshop across the nation. Do check out our range of air tools, hand tools, safety equipment and other automotive tools to upgrade your tool kit.