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About Cable Cutters & Wire Cutters

Cable cutters and wire cutters are the handy tools designed to cut wires of different thicknesses. A wire cutter gives a perfect clean cut with no distortion and burs of the wire strands. A good set of cable and wire cutters would be a good investment as they leave the wire in good condition and allow it to inserted into its terminal easily.

Designed similar to pliers, cable cutters and wire cutters have sharpened edges for handling the heavier gauge of wires. Mostly used in industrial settings, heavy-duty cutters have thick and insulated handles for convenient handling and operation.

Our Range of Cable Cutters & Wire Cutters

Sparesbox offers a broad array of cable cutters and wire cutters from SP Tools and Toledo, the leading brands in automotive tools market. SP Tools and Toledo's range of cable and wire cutters are manufactured from high carbon steel which gives it a high cutting capacity compared to scissors. The vinyl coated handle ensures extra grip and comfort while cutting hardened wires. A precise cut is ensured as you use our range of knives, cutters and pliers.