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About Pipe Cutters & Tube Cutters

Primarily used by plumbers and trade workers, a pipe cutter provides a clean cut to pipes and tubes. Rotating around the pipe, a pipe cutter cuts all the way through without leaving any burrs as compared to hacksaws. When buying a tube cutter, one should consider the two options and decide as per their usage. For thinner pipes, a plastic tubing cutter could be handy which looks much like a pair of pruning shear. A pipe cutter with sharp wheel and adjustable jaw grips is good if you intend to cut thicker pipes.

Our Range of Pipe Cutters & Tube Cutters

Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of pipe cutters from SP Tools and Toledo Tools, two of Australia's leading manufacturers of Automotive Tools. Pipe Cutters from SP Tools and Toledo are fashioned out of the finest materials to offer you a safe and comfortable operation.