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About Lift Kits & Lowering Kits

Lift Kits and Lowering Kits are used by drivers to increase or decrease the ride height of their vehicle. Also known as suspension lifts, these kits assist in enhancing the look and handling of your vehicle. 

Whether you're after improved off road handling, enhanced track day performance or simply looking to revitalise your vehicles worn suspension, Sparesbox range of Lift Kits, Lowering Kits and Self-Levelling Kits from world renowned manufacturers Bilstein, King Springs, Koni, KYB, Monroe, RAW 4x4 and SuperPro, has got you covered. 

What do Lift & Lowering kits do?

Lift Kits help in raising the ride height of your SUV, 4X4 and commercial vehicles for greater flexibility whereas lowering kits deliver an enhanced feel with a sporty look by decreasing your vehicle's ride height.

These kits raise or reduce the suspension of the vehicle by replacing the front and rear springs, shocks, shackles and bushing of your suspension. These kits produce great results in terms of handling, height and ground clearance.

Lift kits are a longer travel alternative for off-roading and handling heavy loads. Lowering Kits help in improving your vehicle's balance and handling at high speeds as they lower the vehicle's centre of gravity and suspension travel distance.

How Can Lift Kits & Lowering Kits Benefit Australian Drivers?

If you drive an SUV, 4X4 and commercial vehicle or simply enjoy off-roading through muddy, mountainous and rocky terrain, installing a suspension lift kit could be a boon. A lift kit is ideal for Australian drivers as it helps in better performance capabilities when travelling with heavy load. These kits raise the centre of gravity and thus help in accommodating larger wheels and tires.

For improved performance and modernized appearance, you can opt for a lowering kit. A lowering kit combines coil springs with a set of performance struts and shocks that in turn influences steering and braking response. These kits also enhance performance by offering a smooth ride without sacrificing stability. Lowering kits also result in improved aerodynamics, thus are an essential for performance enthusiasts.

Our Range of Lift Kits & Lowering Kits

Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of lift kits and lowering kits to meet the requirements of vehicles on Australian roads. All the kits use high quality shock absorbers, springs and bushings to deliver superior performance in all conditions.

Sparesbox stocks some of the most reputable brands in suspension including Bilstein, KYB, RAW 4X4, King Springs and Superpro. Our entire range of load-oriented lift kits are designed to cope with high pressures and temperatures. Paired with the best shock absorbers, lowering kits will significantly improve the off road handling of your 4x4, SUV or utility vehicle.