Lowering Kits

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About Lowering Kits

Lowering kits serve a multitude of different functions in enhancing both the look, feel and handling of your vehicle. Spares box offers lowering kits from King Springs suiting your particular needs.

What do Lowering Kits do?

A lowering kit combines coil springs with a set of performance struts and shocks that in turn influences steering and braking response. These kits also enhance performance by offering a smooth ride without sacrificing stability.

Lowering kits help to deliver the dual benefits of enhanced aesthetics and improved handling in varying quantities. As such, lowering kits are often favoured by entry level performance enthusiasts and car modifiers to deliver an enhanced road feel and a sporty look for their vehicles without having to go to the expense of a full suspension overhaul.

How can Lowering Kits Benefit Australian drivers?

We all know Suspension is supposed to keep you raised above the road, but you just can't beat that extra bit of presence and menace you get from a lowered ride height. A lowered ride height can have a bunch of positive effects, and fitting lowered springs on your vehicle can help improve your vehicle's balance and handling at high speeds through lowering its centre of gravity and suspension travel distance. Lowering kits result in improved aerodynamics, thus are an essential for performance enthusiasts.

Our range of King Springs lowered springs come in varying ride heights, and are all premium manufactured and engineered from the finest powder-coated steel to ensure incredible ride quality, longevity and durability.

Our Range of Lowering Kits

Not just coming with the finest springs, our lowered spring kits are also paired with the best shock absorbers to help your vehicle deal with the bumps and shocks of the road without a massive compromise on comfort. These shock absorbers and struts are manufactured by leading brands in automotive suspension, such as Monroe, Koni and KYB for the ultimate in high pressure performance.

Suiting a wide range of vehicles from the Australian Car Park, our range of King Springs lowering kits are made to fit high-performance Japanese and Australian vehicles in equal measure, ensuring that you get a handling experience that's made to work in Aussie conditions. Be sure to check out our range of steering components when overhauling your suspension to ensure that your steering is completely optimised.