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About Lights & Indicators

Primarily responsible for illuminating different areas in your vehicles, lights and indicators play an important role in your vehicle's mechanism and safe operation. Working with Bosch, Hella, Narva, Osram and OE Replacement, Sparesbox offers you a comprehensive catalogue of Beacon Lights, Driving Lights, Fog Lights, Globes, Headlights, Indicators, Interior Lights, LED Lamps & Warning Lamps, LED Light Bars, Pilot Lights, Tail Lights

What do Lights & Indicators do?

Mounted on your car's interior and exterior, lights and indicators allow other road users to see the vehicle's presence and movements. To help you drive safe during dark and low-light conditions, headlights and tail lights are used whereas fog lights are used in poor visibility conditions. Placed on your car's front and rear, these lights illuminate the road and let other drivers know about your vehicle.

Interior lights offer convenience to the driver and passengers by illuminating car's interior while pilot lights are the tiny lamps that are placed at several places in your car and have a function of their own. Indicators are used to inform other road users about your car's turning and lane change movements. To attract the attention of other vehicles and pedestrians in case of an emergency, beacon lights and warning lamps are used.

Why are Good Lights & Indicators Vital for Australian Drivers?

As darkness restricts our capacity to see, it is important to have good clear and bright vision when driving at night. Lights and indicators carry the responsibility of a safer driver for you, passengers in your car, other drivers on the road and pedestrians. With each light performing a function of its own, one needs to make sure that all the lights are in proper working conditions.

If you are an off-roader or like to explore uneven terrain, you might need driving lights as an add-on to your current lighting system. Built to withstand harsh conditions, driving lights illuminate the entire terrain with a broader and more powerful beam.

Our Range of Lights & Indicators

If you have blown a globe, Sparesbox carries headlights, stop/tail, reverse, interior and indicator bulbs from some of the trusted brands, BoschHellaNarvaOsram and OE Replacement, so you can see and also be seen. For our rural and regional drivers, as well as our 4WD enthusiasts, Sparesbox stocks a range of spot lights, LED bar lights, HID lights, driving lights and fog lights to ensure you can see any local wildlife or hidden looming dangers that might be otherwise concealed in the darkness and giving you plenty of time to stop.

Outstandingly priced and made with the dedication, quality and care, our range of lights and indicators comes from some of the most premium manufacturers around the world and should be your trusted name when replacing your vehicle's lighting.