About Beacon Lights

Beacon lights are the rotating flash lights on the top of a vehicle to attract the attention of other vehicles on the road and pedestrians. Spares Box boasts a wide range of beacon lights from top brands like HELLA, NARVA and BOSCH.

What do Beacon Lights do?

Commonly used by emergency vehicles like ambulances, police cars, construction vehicles and fire engines, a beacon light is affixed on your vehicle's top to let the other road users know the urgency of the journey. These are also used as an additional warning hazard when stationary and as a signal to stop another driver to pull the car aside for interaction with an officer.

These beacon lights define the behaviour of the road users like compelling them to pull to the side or stop, so that the emergency vehicle may proceed without any further delay. Beacon lights have different colours like blue or red for police and medical emergency vehicles and amber for hazards.

How can Beacon Lights Help Australian Drivers?

Beacon lights are crucial for many Australian drivers as deliver a powerful warning effect to other road users to take utmost care.

If you work in the agricultural industry, forestry or drive a heavy vehicle, you might need a beacon light as heavy vehicles need a lot of room on the road and at times, the driver's visibility tends to be limited. In these cases, these beacon lights ensure maximum safety for user and all the other third parties with the use of powerful signals.

Our Range of Beacon Lights

Spares Box has teamed with the leading brands like HELLA, NARVA and BOSCH to help you choose a suitable beacon light for your vehicle. Known for its reliability and longevity, NARVA lights are ideal for everyday usafe and tested to meet rigorous standards, thus ensuring excellent performance in varied conditions.

Beacon lights by HELLA come packed with innovation and technology with a lot of happy customers. Hella lights are known for their outstanding quality in terms of stability and processing. Our range at Spares Box also includes driving lights, spotlights, tail lights and like for your mean machine.