Bosch Driving Light BDL2001X
0 986 310 576
Bosch Driving Light BDL2001XP
0 986 310 575
HELLA Driving Light Kit Comet FF 500 Spread Beam Round 1325
HELLA Rallye 3003 Driving Light Silver Rim Pencil 1390
HELLA Rallye 3003 Driving Light Silver Rim Spread 1391
HELLA Smokey Spotlight Cover (Jumbo 320) 8153SMOKE
HELLA Jumbo 320 Driving Light 12V Black 1318
HELLA Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Light HID Spread Beam 1382
HELLA Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Light HID Pencil Beam 1381
HELLA Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Light Pencil Beam Chrome 1380CHROME
HELLA Rallye 4000 Compact Driving Light Spread Beam Chrome 1378CHROME
HELLA Driving Light 12V 100W Spread Beam 1371
HELLA Driving Light 12V 100W Pencil Beam 1370

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About Driving Lights

Driving lights are there to pick up the slack when your vehicle's regular headlights aren't quite suitable for the terrain for the job ahead. As such, driving lights are immensely popular in off-road driving and rallying, stopping you from getting lost or stuck in difficult conditions where lowered light would otherwise seriously hinder your progress.

How Driving Lights Work

Driving lights supplement your vehicle's regular lights by providing a broader, more powerful beam that illuminates the entire terrain ahead of you, either as a wide-angle spread beam or a more narrow, focused pencil beam. In order to produce this beam, driving lights generally use a powerful halogen, LED or xenon bulb. Generally dealing with the harshest conditions and the most rugged terrain, driving lights have to be built seriously tough, and in order to guarantee this for you we've gone to both HELLA and NARVA to source our range of driving lights.

A number of other driving lights are available for everyday passenger use. Daytime running lights are becoming increasingly popular in modern passenger vehicles, which produce a bright (but not vision impairing) light from your vehicle's front that helps to alert drivers ahead of you of your position.

Our Range of Driving Lights

Spares Box carries a huge range of driving lights from HELLA, who are globally renowned in lighting for off-road purposes, BOSCH, a world leader in automotive parts of all kinds, NARVA, one of Australia's leading suppliers of auto electronics and lighting. HELLA's massive range of driving lights stretches across the Rallye 3003 and Rallye 4000 ranges for competitive off roading, and the HELLA Luminator, Dominator and Predator IX ranges for more heavy duty use.

For more general purpose use, BOSCH provides an incredible range of spotlights of all shapes and sizes, while the NARVA Ultima range also provides a budget-oriented driving light solution that's perfect for general purpose use.

Each of these driving light ranges have their own qualities and merits, but it's guaranteed that all of them will be built tough enough to perform reliably in the harshest conditions. Many of our driving lights are available in both pencil beam and spread beam variants to suit different terrains, as well as coming in a choice of lighting hues to suit whichever conditions.