About Headlights

Headlights are the key factor in making sure you can drive safely in low-light conditions. Having reliable, well-performing car headlights is not only required by law, but vital in keeping you safe while driving at night-time, but sometimes it's simply not economical to go to the trouble or expense of reaplacing your entire headlight unit.

What Makes Our Headlights so Good?

What sets our headlights apart is their combination of production quality, innovation and materials, made possible by the commitment of our chosen manufacturers to working with some of Europe's finest auto electrical and lighting manufacturers. OE Replacement, HELLA and BOSCH engineer and manufacture their aftermarket headlamps to the strictest OE dimensions and standards, meaning you can be sure of the best performance and constant reliability regardless of vehicle.

Both BOSCH and HELLA have pedigrees in the advancement of vehicle lighting worldwide, both helping to pioneer some of the most influential advancements in head light technology over the last century. All 3 of our headlight manufacturers boast massive production capacities, an obsessive pursuit of OE quality and the guarantee of strong, reliable lighting in every weather condition.

Our Range of Headlights

By combining a massive Asian manufacturer with the prowess and production capacity of two leading European manufacturers in HELLA and BOSCH, Spares Box can offer a comprehensive range of over 800 car headlights to suit a huge range of vehicles from across the globe. Regardless of time, weather, conditions or location, you can be sure of reliable lighting and a quality replacement for headlights with any of our HELLA, OE Replacement or BOSCH products.

If individual parts are required instead of an entire headlight unit, BOSCH manufacture a massive range of headlight inserts and headlight frames to save you the cost and the time of a complete replacement. For more specialist vehicles and prestige cars, HELLA and BOSCH both also manufacture premium xenon & bi-xenon headlights, HID headlights and LED headlights.