About Indicators

Placed on the left and right side on your car's front and rear, indicators are used to inform the other road users about your turning movements. Sparesbox offers a wide array of Bosch, DEPO and HELLA indicators.

What do Indicators do?

Indicators are signalling devices used by drivers to inform other drivers and pedestrians on the road regarding their intention to change lane or turn at a corner. Mounted beside the car's headlights on the front and tail lights on the rear, indicators flash as and when in use by the driver.

Made of LED lights or halogen lighting elements, indicators need to comply with technical standards for intensity levels. Allowing visibility at all relevant angles, indicators are designed to work efficiently in different conditions from direct sunlight to complete darkness.

Why are Good Indicators Vital for Australian Drivers?

Good quality indicators in proper working condition are recommended to drivers as they are constantly in function when you are out on the road. As per road safety laws, it is essential to indicate for a lane change or turn to let all the other road users know your vehicle's movements.

Activated by your car's horizontal lever, functioning indicators are not only crucial in keeping you safe when changing lanes or turning corners, but also in avoiding annoying police stops.

Our Range of Indicators

Sparesbox has teamed up with some of the trusted brands in the automotive lighting market, Bosch, DEPO and HELLA to offer you the very best of indicators and corner lamps for your car. HELLA produces front and rear indicators from advanced halogen lighting elements that delivers effective lighting. Bosch’s range of indicators is designed to offer optimum performance under all conditions.

Our range of premium Bosch and HELLA indicators will make sure every turn signal is bright and strong. Also browse through our range of globes, beacon lights and LED lights to keep you and other road users safe and sound on the road.