About Interior Lights

Located on your car's ceiling, interior lights provide illumination to the passengers for fastening seat belts and entering or exiting from the car. Our range of interior light bulbs are imported by HELLA and NARVA, some of Australia's leaders in the import and distribution of quality auto electric and lighting components.

What do Interior Lights do?

Interior lights are placed in a vehicle to provide optimum convenience to the driver and passengers. Some of the cars also have interior lights in the boot, glove box and other storage compartments.

Mostly connected with your car door's on/off switch, interior lights are situated on the car's ceiling. Interior lights help the passengers to fasten their seat belts and the driver to know if the car is properly locked with all the doors closed.

Why are Good Interior Lights Crucial for Drivers?

We've all had the annoyance of interior lights not working, leaving you to fumble around blindly for whatever you need in your glove box. Blown interior lights can be problematic and inconvenient for all the reasons you could imagine, and without them working properly you may even walk away from your car leaving it unlocked!

With good interior lights you can be sure of not only a quick and easy replacement, but also a quality product that will deliver outstanding lighting performance, reliability and longevity to provide consistent illumination for both you and your passengers, no matter what the conditions are like.

Our Range of Interior Lights

Sparesbox stocks interior light bulbs from HELLA and NARVA which come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your vehicle, meaning you're sure to find the right fit for your cabin. NARVA's extensive supply chain stretches across some of Germany's finest automotive part manufacturers, meaning that all NARVA parts meet not only European EC and ECE safety and quality standards, but also the OE quality standards of stringent vehicle manufacturers both Australia and world-wide.

In order to ensure this, NARVA brings together the finest technological advancements in the world of automotive lighting, ensuring that your bulbs feature the latest and greatest features, no matter how large or small, in your vehicle's lights. Whether you're simply replacing an interior bulb or swapping out any of the other lights across your vehicle, you can be sure that the bulb you're screwing in is the most modern and well equipped it can be to do it's job, day in, day out.