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About Tail Lights

Tail lights are a driving essential as they help other drivers on the road to see your vehicle when its dark. At Spares Box, you can find an extensive range of tail lights, led tail lights and reverse lights from popular brands like Hells, DEPO and Bosch.

What do Tail Lights do?

Being the two rear lights on the car, tail lights remain on when the car’s headlights are on. Producing a bright red light, tail lights provide the vital illumination that lets other drivers know about your vehicle in dark.

It is a safety hazard to drive without properly functioning tail lights, as it puts your vehicle and all other vehicles on the road at risk. Tail lights have two modes, bright and dim that changes as per the conditions. These lights prevent accidents from sudden stops and lead decreased risk of the rear being crashed with other vehicles on the road.

Choosing the Perfect Tail Light

Everyone's heard of the old chestnut "Sir, you have a taillight out." You can avoid that awkward traffic stop (and keep everyone around you as safe as possible) with a suitable tail light.

With a distinct illumination and mechanism, there are three different types of tail lights. You can choose the ideal tail light as per your requirement. LED tail lights are one of the commonly used lights by manufacturers these days as they are economical, use little energy and have last a comparatively long time. Halogen tail lights are bright bulbs with a small amount of halogen gas added in the bulb’s space. These are comparatively smaller in size and can be burned at higher temperature to produce brighter light.

Our Range of Tail Lights

Spares Box boasts the widest array of tail lights from the leading brands in the automotive market, Hella, Bosch and DEPO. Premium crafted in Germany, Hella tail lights are built to perfection and carry a reputation as one of the most trusted brand all over the world. Bosch Automotive manufactures huge range of auto electrical parts including tail lights, exterior lights, headlight globes and indicators. Spares Box carries a variety of parts and components to ensure proper functioning of your vehicle while offering superior performance.