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About Levels & Lines

Designed to indicate a surface's level, a spirit level or level is used by carpenters, building workers and DIY enthusiasts. With a strong aluminium frame, magnetic levels provide accurate reading and are just ideal for pipes and curved surfaces. A line level is designed to hang on a builders string line and incorporates small hooks to attach and hang from the string line. In order to dispense a fine line of grease, you can use needle nose dispenser which are ideal for use with hoses or steel extensions.

Our Range of Levels & Lines

Sparesbox stocks a comprehensive catalogue of levels and lines from Kincrome and Toledo, the leading names in Australian tools market. Offering magnetic I-box level, needle nose dispensers and line levels, our range of measuring tools will come in handy for accurate measurement. Being trusted by tradies, mechanics and craftsmen, Kincrome and Toledo will keep you equipped with the right tools.