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Brake Fluid


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About Brake Fluid

Good brake fluid is one of the most important parts of ensuring that your brakes are performing responsively. By dealing with the heat and pressure generated by your vehicle's particular brakes, the right brake fluid will deliver the best brake pedal feel, the best braking ability in adverse weather conditions and the confidence to step on the brake pedal in extreme emergency situations.

How Brake Fluid Works

Brake Fluid is the hydraulic fluid that converts the movement of you pressing down your brake pedal into the force needed to compress your calipers and brake pads against the brake rotors. The effectiveness and performance parameters that define a brake fluid is set by it's DOT number, which roughly translates to it's boiling point. Many passenger cars use either a DOT 3 brake fluid or a DOT 4 brake fluid as standard, and as it goes up in number the boiling point gets higher. As your brake fluid heats up, it's vital that it doesn't start to boil and affect your braking performance, meaning that high performance cars with larger, higher temperature brakes use either a DOT 4 brake fluid or, especially in the case of race cars, a DOT 5 brake fluid.

Why Good Brake Fluid is Important

Because your vehicle's brakes generate high amounts of heat while they bring your car to a stop, brake fluid has a very high tolerance to both heat and extreme amounts of cold to prevent it from either freezing or boiling under extreme conditions.

Either of these scenarios would be disastrous to your braking performance, and be incredibly detrimental to your safety on the road, so it always pays to invest in a high quality, reliable brake fluid. Choosing a great brake fluid can improve braking responsiveness and provide a far superior pedal feel from your brakes, meaning you get a safer feeling stop, every time.

Our Range of Brake Fluids

Spares Box offers an outstanding range of brake fluids for all vehicles, from every day passenger cars to some of the world's most high performance machines. Motul's DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake Fluid and Nulon's Xtreme Performance Brake Fluid are both outstanding every day brake fluids for use in a huge range of passenger vehicles, while Castrol React SRF, Motul DOT 5 brake fluid, Motul RBF 600 and Motul RBF 660 brake fluid all offer incredible braking feel in high performance and race vehicles that generate the most extreme conditions and heat under intense braking.