About Coolant

Keeping your engine cool is one of the biggest things you can do to ensure the toils of everyday driving don't take a fatal toll on it's vital components. By choosing the best coolant for your vehicle, you're guaranteeing the safest solution for your cooling system and the very best protection from the heat that can potentially damage your engine's most vital components over it's many years of transporting you from A to B.

How Coolant Works

Coolant flows through your vehicle's cooling system, absorbing the heat from your hottest engine components and dispersing it into the air. In order to do this, it cycles through your radiator, where the air flowing over it dissipates the built-up heat and enables it to cool back down very rapidly. This means that coolant has to be extremely effective at making extreme changes in temperature very quickly, without either boiling, freezing, losing it's stability or it's viscosity.

Why Good Coolant is Important for Protecting your Vehicle

Coolant has to last a long time through a huge amount of temperature changes, over hundreds of thousands of km's of driving. The best coolants provide protection not only for your vehicle's engine, but also for the hoses, pumps and gaskets that make up the internals of your cooling system. By choosing a high quality coolant with the correct levels of silicates, phosphates and borates as specified by your manufacturer, you're setting your engine and your cooling system up for the longest, healthiest life possible.

Our Range of Coolants

As such, Sparesbox has taken the steps necessary to ensure that you get the very best coolant for your needs, and that means teaming up with Australia's very own specialist in Automotive liquids, lubricants and coolants, Nulon. Nulon coolant comes in a variety of different formulations, all colour co-ordinated to ensure that you can tell them apart and make sure that you're getting the perfect formulation for your vehicle's needs. Despite the wide range of Nulon coolants available, they all share a few common traits: long-life, exceptional cooling capabilities and effective protection for the hoses, pipes and seals that make up your cooling system's internals.

The majority of Nulon coolant is formulated and engineered to last up to 5 or 6 years and be effective over hundreds of thousands of kilometres without having to undergo a change. Be sure to treat your coolant every now and then with a Nulon cooling system additive to ensure that any build ups or deposits are removed from your cooling system, and you're guaranteeing your engine the very best protection for years to come.

Sparesbox also carries a fantastic range of coolants from both Castrol and Motul, both of which are also formulated to deliver long-lasting protection for both your engine and it's cooling system.