About Gearbox Oil & Diff Oil

For the smoothest, most reliable performance from your gearbox, a quality gearbox oil or differential oil is absolutely key.

How Does Gearbox Oil & Diff Oil Work?

Gearbox oils and differential oils are essentially thicker, higher pressure and more long-lived versions of the oil that goes into your engine. Gearbox oil and diff oil typically comes in viscosity grades around the 80-100 mark, as opposed to the much thinner, free-flowing engine oil. Gearbox oil and diff oil generally lasts much longer than standard engine oil, and is expected to put up with the extreme temperatures and pressures that occur within your vehicle's gearbox and differential.

Why is Gearbox Oil & Diff Oil Important?

Gearbox oil is vital for making sure that your gear box and transmission stay in good working order and enjoy a long and healthy life. Gear box damage is one of the most potentially expensive things that can happen to your vehicle, and a good gear box oil can help prevent this by ensuring that the metal parts of your transmission are not only protected from abrasion and heat damage, but also kept clean of sludge, dirt and contaminants that can build up day-to-day. In addition to this, a good gearbox oil will help smoothen the operations of your gearbox significantly, improving shifting performance and ensuring the absolute best performance with every gear change.

Diff oils work in a similar manner, providing specialised protection for a different range of car differentials. Many high performance and heavy duty vehicles make use of limited slip differentials, which require specialised protection and lubrication to ensure they're not damaged by heat and stress.

Our Range of Gearbox Oil & Diff Oil

Spares Box carries an exceptional range of gear oils, diff oils and manual transmission oils from Nulon, Castrol and Motul. Nulon gear oils are engineered, tested and manufactured in Australia by the country's leader in automotive fluids, additives and lubricants. Meanwhile, Castrol are one of the world's largest producers of Automotive oils, heralded globally as a leader in all manner of lubricant technology.

Nulon manufacture one of the most popular ranges of gear oils that is available in Australia, and their range is expansive and designed to cover all manner of vehicles. All Nulon gear oils are premium manufactured from the finest mineral base models to provide an effective solution for enthusiasts, high performance and prestige vehicles In order to do this, Nulon gearbox oils and diff oils are formulated with very high levels of sulphur phosphorous, which provides extreme resistance to the high pressure and temperature environment a working gearbox presents, enhanced performance in shifting and exceptional wear reduction in your gear teeth.

Whether Manual or Automatic, Nulon and Motul Gearbox & Differential Oils are bound to suit the needs of your vehicle perfectly. Nulon Gear Oils are also well-suited for use in vehicle differentials, providing great lubrication and protection for all vehicles, even those with Limited Slip diffs. For heavy duty and performance vehicles where the reliable functioning of a limited slip diff is vital, be sure to choose Nulon Limited Slip Differential oil. It's corrosion inhibitors and high viscosity fluids make it the perfect solution to keep your Limited Slip Differential in the best working order possible.