About Performance Brake Rotors

Performance Brake Rotors are engineered to deliver superior braking power for fast road applications. These premium brake rotors ensure optimal race, track, and performance driving applications using advanced technology that allows for heat to escape, resulting in more consistent braking. With this extra heat dissipated from the braking system, you can also be confident in minimising the chance of brake fade. Sparesbox’ range of High Performance Brake Rotors from the DBA Catalogue deliver on increased braking power, greater heat dissipation, a quieter and more responsive brake pedal feel, and increased thermal capacity that meet the demands of your high-performance car.


Why Do I Need Performance Brake Rotors?

Designed with track use and performance enthusiasts in mind, the Sparesbox Performance Brake Range ticks all the boxes for those who want to bring their A-game to the street, road, and track. Ideally suited for application on modified and high performance vehicles that are subject to regular track use or rigorous braking applications, High Performance Brake Rotors are a cost-effective way to improve your braking performance and ensure consistent brake performance across all driving conditions.


When installed with Performance Brake Pads, Performance Brake Rotors are designed to handle the most severe braking on track, as well as offering consistent smooth, quiet, responsive braking on road.


Our range of performance brake rotors


The Sparesbox range of High Performance Brake Rotors are handpicked from the DBA Catalogue to satisfy the demands of your race, track, or modified vehicle.


DBA is an Australian owned, international manufacturer and designer of aftermarket OE disc brake rotors and brake pads. Committed to research and product development, DBA has positioned itself as Australia’s most renowned manufacturer and global leader of premium brake rotor technology. Our extensive range of DBA Performance Brake Rotors, including the DBA T2, DBA X-Gold, DBA 4000 T3, and DBA 4X4 Survival T2 are manufactured for street, track, and race applications.